Category: .NET

MMO Server Design Part 1

MMO design is hard. Really hard. There’s no sugar-coating it–if you decide to roll your own server code, you will spend a lot of hours doing so, and most of that time will be spent debugging. That said, since you… Read More

Visual Studio 2015 Preview

Seeing the new toys in Visual Studio 2015 cause me to ogle like a kid in a candy store. (Yes, the definition of ogle is “stare at in a lecherous manner.” I stand by my words.) Here’s a short… Read More

Func Funkiness

Func<> and Action<> are the fire beneath the almighty Linq, the savior of inline collections querying in C#. They allow the programmer to pass in a function as a parameter to a method, which can then use the behavior as an object–in… Read More